Respected for its reputation for extreme durability, the ArmorMark™ serpentine belt is specially engineered for exceptional wear resistance and high tensile strength to provide one of the most reliable belts in the industry.



• ArmorMark™ belts are made by the world’s leading OEM belt manufacturer.
• ArmorMark™ has been a respected brand of quality and value for over 20 years.
• ArmorMark™ has full coverage of Serpentine and V-Belts.
• ArmorMark™ belts are test proven to be the have the best durability and strength in the aftermarket*.
• In addition to Automotive Serpentine and V-Belts, ArmorMark™ also offers a complete line of FHP,
Coolant Hoses, Timing Belts, and Timing Tensioners.
• ArmorMark™ offers a 1-Year manufacturers warranty